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Upper Extremity Prostheses

  • i-LIMB™ Hand: The i-LIMB Hand, is a first to-market prosthetic device with five individually powered digits. This artificial limb looks and acts like a real human hand and represents a generational advance in bionics and patient care.
  • Myoelectric Arm Prostheses: Myoelectrically controlled arm prostheses are externally powered prostheses, which means that they are not driven by the muscle strength of the patient, but with the aid of electric power.
  • DynamicArm® 12K100: A new generation of elbow joints has arrived with flexion controlled by an electric motor in combination with a unique vario drive. The DynamicArm allows for quick, exact positioning of the hand with little energy expenditure and incorporates an innovative high performance drive with step-less gears that can lift loads up to 13 lbs.

Lower Extremity Prostheses

  • Genium™ Bionic Prosthetic System: The state of the art knee utilizes a complex sensory system and sophisticated rule sets to mimic natural gait more closely than any other prosthetic knee. With multiple environmental inputs (including gyroscope and accelerometer), the Genium delivers unmatched functionality, including special features to help step over obstacles and ascend/descend stairs.
  • C-Leg®: The original Microprocessor based prostheses. The revolutionary microprocessor that controls the C-Leg receives feedback from multiple sensors 50 times per second, anticipating your next move and making adjustments real time. This technology keeps your knee stable when you weight it, free-swinging when you step through – and always ready to provide support, if you stumble. To learn more about the C-Leg, visit


  • Bioness: For stroke, MS, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury. Functional Electrical Stimulation helps replace natural electrical brain signals, helping reanimate weak or paralyzed limbs.


  • PressureGuardian®: A compact portable pressure sensor device with a compatible data collecting and storing app which transmits data to any Apple iOS device. PressureGuardian allows clinicians to measure pressure off-loading in seconds to help manage your patients' diabetic wounds with astonishing results. It also assists practitioners in fine-tuning the fit of custom orthotic and prosthetic devices. 

i-LIMB™ Hand is a trademark of Touch EMAS Limited. C-Leg®, DynamicArm® and Genium™ are trademarks of Otto Bock HealthCare LP. Bioness is a trademark of Bioness Inc. PressureGuardian® is a trademark of Tillges Technologies.

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