Q. What information and/or paperwork do I need to bring with me to my first appointment?
A. You will need to bring a valid photo id, all insurance cards and your prescription.

Q. How long is the initial consultation?
A. Most orthotic initial evaluations are a half hour long. Prosthetic consultations are scheduled for one hour. Mastectomy product evaluations are one hour and Compression consultations are 45 minutes. 

Q. Do I need a prescription before I can be fit for a prosthetic or orthotic device?
A. All insurances require a prescription in order to bill, if you want us to bill your health insurance, you will need to obtain a prescription.

Q. Does TCOP bill my insurance/Medicare directly after a visit?
A. There is no charge for a visit at TCOP. With the proper information, including a prescription, TCOP will bill your insurance for your product on the delivery date. For more details regarding our billing policy, please visit the billing and collection policy verbiage within our Patient Bill of Rights

Q. What TCOP services and products are covered by my insurance/Medicare?
A. All visit services are part of the cost of the product and are not billed separately. There are some products (which vary by insurance) that are not covered, regardless if it has been prescribed. TCOP will make every effort to contact your insurance to verify coverage and let you know during the checkout portion of your appointment what you, as a patient will be responsible for. You may also contact your insurance company and find out your coverage for specific products. 

Q. When will my device be ready after my appointment?
A. Custom orthotic foot inserts and braces are generally ready one week after the evaluation. Custom prosthetic devices require several appointments over a period of a few weeks for fittings and gait training. If you are receiving an in stock, off-the- shelf product at your appointment, you usually leave with it the same day.

Q. How frequently will I need to schedule an appointment?
A. Most custom orthotic products require two appointments, one week apart.  Adjustment appointments can be made as needed after delivery. Prosthetic appointments will be directed by your prosthetist, but plan upon several appointments over a period of weeks. Mastectomy and compression products require one or two appointments for delivery. 

Q. Why are prosthetic and orthotic devices a costly investment?
A. The price of each device takes into account the services provided by the Certified Prosthetist or Orthotist to evaluate and fit the products, the materials, the technician time to fabricate the product and the visits that may be incurred during a warranty period for any adjustments needed. For more details, visit “What goes into the cost of my orthotic/prosthetic?” in our Patient Bill of Rights.

Q. Does TCOP have a return policy?
A. Please see the “Warranty” section of the Patient Bill of Rights.

Q. Will I owe any money at my appointment?
A. The cost of your product will be explained to you at checkout. You are responsible for the patient portion of payment that is affected by the deductible that applies, coinsurance and maximum out-of-pocket expense of your insurance. We take payment of that portion at delivery of your product. We do offer individual payment plans for larger expenses, which includes 1/2 down at delivery. 

Q. I have a health insurance plan with a co-pay. Does this apply?
A. Co-pays are for service visits at clinics. We bill only for product, which applies to your individual plan year insurance deductibles, coinsurance percentage and out-of-pocket maximums.

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